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Homicide by Vehicle/DUI-related

Homicide by Vehicle

Aggravated Assault

Drug Delivery

Burglary, Forgery, Theft

Adult Sexual Assault, Rape and Incest

Child Sexual Assault, Rape and Incest

Shaken Baby Cases

"Tender Years" Hearings

Sexually Violent Predator Hearings under Megan's Law

Domestic Violence

Witness Intimidation

Juvenile offenses and Adult Certification Hearings


Designed joint police/C&YS child-abuse investigational protocol, set up two-day police training with recognized expert in this area, met with police and C&YS department heads to set up scheduling/implementation, and supervised the protocol from 1998-2006.

Conducted police training on sexual offender characteristics and provided memoranda to police on proper charging, changes in the law, statutes of limitation and tolling, medical issues and early investigative steps needed in shaken baby cases.  Met with child victims at the investigative stage to determine ability and readiness to testify.  Talked with family members about the court process, difficulties in the case, and potential outcomes.

Worked extensively with medical experts in cases of child sexual and physical abuse and shaken baby incidents, from the investigative stage through trial.   Tried cases which also involved experts in toxicology, accident reconstruction, pathology, psychology, geriatrics, long-term care, traumatic injury and firearms.   Increased the use of medical experts in cases of child sexual abuse.  Attended autopsies in child and elder death cases.

Increased use of consensual wires in child-abuse cases and where the police were in agreement the use of Secret Service personnel to assist in suspect interviews. 

Presented multiple cases to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Medical/Legal Advisory Board on Child Abuse and the Attorney General's Medical/Legal Advisory Board on Elder Abuse and Neglect for evaluation prior to making a charging decision.

Long-term member of the Pennsylvania District Attorney's Association Child Abuse Prosecutors Coalition, a forum for state-wide abuse prosecutors to discuss cases, emerging defense trends and proposed new legislation, and after being assigned juvenile cases  became a member also of the Juvenile Prosecutor's Coalition. 

Training:   The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's week course in Online Crimes Against Children, National District Attorney's Association Trial Advocacy Course, American Prosecutor's Research Institute's ChildProof course on child-abuse trial advocacy,  Basic and Advanced courses in DNA, courses in Advanced Child-Abuse Investigation, Child Homicide, Child Abduction, Pedophilia, Child Pornography, Shaken Baby injuries and Megan's Law.  Training in juvenile arson, juvenile rehabilitation.  Act 28 training and two-day seminar on elder abuse/exploitation/neglect.   Via the continuing education certification requirements of my EMT certificate, attended a number of courses on injuries arising from vehicular collisions, assault and firearms. 

Oral arguments before the Supreme and Superior Courts of Pennsylvania each year.

Excellent Conviction Rate at Trial

Excellent Record of Appellate Results