Accountability, Experience, Proven Competence

I would like to share with you some observations made by others on my skills as a prosecutor between 1988 and 2006:

"Thank you for your commitment to and hard work in bringing child molesters to justice.  We're forever in your debt."                                            J. and D. B. (victim and parent in generational abuse case)                                

"I appreciate your patience with me and my situation."

                                                       S. N. (victim in domestic violence case)

"Well written motion on [name of defendant]"

                                                       T.Y., Centre County Probation

"I enjoyed working with you very much.  I am especially amazed by your attention to detail, tenacity and grace under pressure.  I feel your work advocating for the elderly in this very difficult case was truly courageous."

                                                      Expert witness/member of AG's Board on Elder Abuse/Neglect

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into our case.  You did a wonderful job for [name of victim] and us.  We couldn't have asked or picked a better outcome.  Everything you did means so much to us."

                                                       R.C. Family (parents of child sexual abuse victim)

[Letter to Ray Gricar]:

"We knew from the beginning that this was going to be a very difficult case to try.  Ms. Arnold was tenacious.  As observers we were very nervous up until Ms. Arnold presented the closing argument....Her argument tied everything together and we watched the faces of the jurors.  The first time we felt confident was after she was through."

                                                        S.M. (niece of elder-abuse/neglect victim)

"Thank you for all your time and effort helping to protect the boys.  We really appreciate all you did for them to keep them safe."

                                                        L. and J. S. (grandparents, now adoptive parents, of child victims)

"Thank you with all my heart for representing my beautiful, precious daughter.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is very fortunate to have you.  You are so knowledgeable, professional, sympathetic and thorough.  I appreciate all that you did for [victim] and our family and for giving up your Sunday to meet with us and prepare for this trial.  Thank you for understanding and fighting so hard for [victim]."

                                                      Family member of victim in case tried in October, 2005

"They told me you were thorough - I'm not used to talking to ADAs who are this thorough."

                                                    Trooper, PSP/Stonington Barracks

"My brief service as a Centre County juror persuaded me that the law could produce fairness...I chose Ms. Arnold [to interview] because on the long day of May 9, I found myself increasingly drawn to her courtroom manner.  She demonstrated a command of her case and performed her role gracefully and convincingly."

J.S., writer and juror, "A Case of Justice," State College Magazine (9/94)

"Ms. Arnold has worked an incredible number of hours weekly for the county for modest remuneration and has been most effective and a great credit to Centre County government."

                             1992 Gricar Request for double-merit increase for exceptional performance   

"Ms. Arnold has developed a county protocol for child abuse cases.  It has not only worked well in coordinating law enforcement efforts but it has served as a model for other counties who have adopted it.  The effectiveness of the protocol stems in part from Ms. Arnold's role in supervising it.  This results in her entry into a case much earlier than would otherwise occur and consequently the development of stronger cases for court presentation."

                             2001 Gricar Request for double-merit increase for exceptional performance